Duplicate a SharePoint 2013 site collection

At times there are requests by user on PROD environment, for having a duplicate site with same content , permissions, groups etc.


There are many approaches to go for this request, like Backup Restore, or using Metalogix.

However there is a new command in SP 2013 that helps creating a new site collection with exactly same content, permissions and everything.

Copy-SPSite “OldSiteCollectionUrl” -TargetURL “NewSiteCollectionUrl”

This is a very quick and easy method to get a duplicate site within few minutes, without having to do much.

However sharing the constraints below for using this command:
– Source and Destination site collections should be in same Web application
In case web application is different, additional parameter DestinationDatabase can be applied to this command.
– Applicable to SP2013 On Prem only


SharePoint 2013 Search not displaying all results

This is a live project issue that just came across today, so thought of sharing with everyone!!

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If we have a search based application in SharePoint 2013, we can retrieve search based results by either using a Search Results web part or a Content by Search web part.

Problem Statement:

If we configure both the web parts to have same query and result source, we should be receiving same results set and count.

However, Content by Search web part returns all results as expected, but search results web part was only returning few of the results. It surely is not a problem of crawl as data is present on the site and is being displayed using the other web part.

So what could be the issue?

Conclusion & Solution:

In the earlier versions of the Search Result Web Parts, the user had an option to “Trim Duplicates” which is no longer present in the SharePoint 2013 Search Result Web Part’s properties.

There is a way to set the Trim Duplicates property to false. Sharing the steps below:

  1. Export the Search Results Web Part from your page.
  2. Open the .webpart file in your favorite editor.
  3. Search for “Trim Duplicates”, you will find it as part of the DataProviderJSON property.
  4. Set the Trim Duplicates property to False.
  5. Upload the web part.
  6. Add the web part to your page.


SharePoint excludes the content that it thinks is similar. Even though the pages have a unique name and the content might not be the same, if it has some content that is similar, then search will collapse them in the result set.

Once the Trim duplicates option is set to false, you will get the results that you would expect and the result set from a Content By Search web part will match the result set from a Search Result web part

Setting up Provider Hosted Apps environment for SharePoint 2013

Hi All,

As we all know, setting up Provider hosted app in SharePoint 2013 environment can be a pain at times.

We all have come across various issues while setting this up.

Sharing a self created and tested document with step-by-step approach to set this up and create a provider hosted app.

Any suggestions, thoughts or comments are appreciated!!!


Click here to go through the complete step by step details to get this implemented


Cheers !!