How to test Emails delivery on a developer server box, where outgoing emails are blocked

         –         In many business cases, there is every now and then a requirement to send emails to administrator or users of the system.

         At times, the outgoing emails are blocked on the dev boxes / servers, which hamper testing the email module in the    application.
         There is a workaround, to preview the outgoing email at the local dev box along with all the body, subject, recipients etc.

In the Web.config file for the application, place the following entries within the section.

<smtp deliveryMethod=“SpecifiedPickupDirectory”>
<specifiedPickupDirectory pickupDirectoryLocation=“c:\Mails” />
<proxy autoDetect=“true” />

The mail will be stored as a Mail message in the folder specified in the web config file, through which we can verify the contents and detail of the mail.